Yes, when load caliber and style are kept the same, loads are interchangeable per section 7.8 in ANSI A10.3
that states, "OnIy those types of fasteners and powder Ioads recommended by the tool manufacturer for a
particular tool, or those that provide the same level of safety and performance shall be used.”

Live powder Ioads are best disposed of by placing them in the appropriate tool and firing the tool. In most areas the spent cartridges can be disposed of in the normal trash. Check with local disposal guidelines for further information.

A red #5 powder load in the .22 caliber "A" style is not available. There is an industry standard that sets the limit on .22 caliber powder tools at a #4 yelbow powder load.

In order to operate a powder tool you must be trained and certified by the manufacturer for the particular tool you are operating. When using Ramset tools, you can become certified by following our online training and certification course or contacting your local Ramset distributor.

No it does not. ANSI A10.3 states that, "lt is the employer’s responsibility to see that all tool operators are trained for the particular tool being used". See the Ramset online training and certification program for quick certification PAT LICENSING.

High velocity fasteners, loads, and tool parts were discontinued in the late 1980's by all U.S. manufacturers. This was largely due to ANSI and OSHA requiring that only the lowest class of tool that will properly set a fastener be used. Other requirements highly restricted the use of these tools to where the tool manufacturer's had little choice but to discontinue them in favor of the low velocity tools available today.

Some of these commonly found obsolete high velocity tool models include: 122MD, 33013134, 33013138, 238M.

If a schematic for the tool cannot be found on the Ramset website, parts for that tool are no longer available from Ramset. Please see the list of discontinued Ramset tools where parts are no longer available.